BEGINNING RETAIL CORPORATION is an online distribution company.

We prefer being no.1 in customer satisfaction to being no.1 in sales as our operational objectives, 

and the enterprise growth is based on communicating with customers and the faith between company and employees.

we are going to enter oversea market, in addition to launch several brands and offline stores, production planning, 

introduction of advanced distribution system, expansion of logistic business,etc to open up a new way of company growth.

Business philosophy - customers satisfaction, employees satisfaction

Good services and stable working environment will lead to growth and profitability.

Core Values ​​- Understanding / Trust / Satisfaction

BEGINNING will provide easy-understand services to both customers and employees.

BEGINNING will try our best to maintain the employee's trust.

BEGINNING is not going to sale the products without satisfication with company itself and staff themselves. 

Strategic Goals

We are going to run some shopping malls which has effective earning rates 

through the professional nohow of online distribution to set up the advanced system.

The goal is to get the powerful position of the production of domestic apparel market and sales preemptively with this system.

And we will enter the oversea markets successfully with the advanced system.


It's a brand that reasonable lifestyle of women in early 20s combines with the unique and trendy emotion to make a new dailylook style.